According to USA Today, Punxsutawney Phil predicts 6 more weeks of winter, so stay calm, you still have some time. Time for what you say? Time for some spring car maintenance!

Below you will find 6 essential tips to perform after your car gets you through those cold winter months:

⦁ One of the first things you should do is get your car cleaned and waxed, as a clean car can mean lower repair and maintenance costs. The general upkeep and cleaning will over time reduce the chance that corrosion and rusting occurs, which can lead to higher repair costs and a lower resale value. It is generally pretty easy to spot a car that wasn’t cared for properly versus a car that was. Putting your car through the car wash a few times will not mask the fact that it wasn’t taken care of.

⦁ Well now that you have cleaned the outside, how does that make you feel about the inside of your car? You didn’t think we would keep the inside dirty did you? Nobody wants to spend time cleaning out their car during a cold winter day. That’s why spring is the perfect time to clean your car’s interior, so spend a day doing some spring cleaning. Remove and throw away all the interior papers, trash and other items that have accrued over the winter.

⦁ One thing that can drastically be affected by the change in temperatures is your tire pressure. As the air warms up, those properly inflated tires will increase pressure. Make sure you check the air pressure in your tires to make sure they are properly inflated. This is an important part of car care, so if you don’t feel comfortable checking your car’s tire pressures by yourself, take it to an auto parts store or a national shop — such as Les Schwab, or your favorite tire shop– which will usually perform the check for a low price or maybe even for free.

⦁ Winter driving conditions are particularly harsh on those windshield wiper blades. The cold temps and ice can quickly damage and ruin a pair over the winter months. The wiper itself could wear dramatically over the winter due to ice buildup or other issues on your windshield. Make sure you take a look at the blades and repair them if needed.

⦁ Now is a good time to pop the hood and check your engine. Specifically, check belts and hoses to ensure the cold temperatures haven’t rendered them brittle or heavily worn. Check your coolant to make sure it’s not too old — an important factor for avoiding overheating as temperatures gradually climb. If you aren’t comfortable performing these checks on your own, contact a local mechanic. While you may get billed for an hour of labor, it’s better than going into the spring with potential issues lurking under your hood.

⦁ One final thing to check is your alignment and suspension. You can also have this done when you get your air pressure in your tires checked by your local trusted auto shop.

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